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Disney Reveals More Details on 'Get A Horse!' Short

Walt Disney Animation releases new imagery from its forthcoming Mickey Mouse short, Get A Horse!, directed by Lauren MacMullan.


Walt Disney Animation's Get A Horse! made a big splash at the D23 Expo earlier this month, when the studio unveiled the short film for North American audiences for the first time.

The animated short, a beautifully crafted “period piece” where the cast of characters is literally chased from the minimalist black and white 2D animated world of 1928 into the boldly colored, stereoscopic 3D and CG world of 2013, had its worldwide debut in June at the Annecy Animation Festival, where it was a huge hit with the audience. Directed by

Last week, courtesy of EW, the studio released a new image from the short – the first one to show both 2D and CG elements – along with a complete description of the action:


Get a Horse! starts out as a scratchy, vintage picture, with Mickey and Minnie riding on a hay wagon while villainous Peg-Leg Pete menaces them from his rattletrap automobile. Soon, Mickey is thrown up against the screen, eventually bursting through a hole, and landing on a 3-D stage that’s seemingly in the theater with the audience.

Then he and a host of other characters chase each other back and forth from the stage to the screen, transforming from full-color, three-dimensional “reality” to the flat, monochromatic world of the old-school cartoon.

Get A Horse! was directed by Disney’s director of restoration, Lauren MacMullan, the first woman to direct a Disney film solo. Slated to be shown ahead of animated feature Frozen, the short will be released in theaters the U.S. on November 27, 2013.

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