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Disney Playhouse Adds More Captain Carlos & New Shane's Kindergarten Countdown

Two short-form series, the new SHANE'S KINDERGARTEN COUNTDOWN (a spinoff of the popular SHANNA'S SHOW) and new installments of ADVENTURES IN NUTRITION WITH CAPTAIN CARLOS, premiered June 20 during Playhouse Disney's new "Breakfast with Bear" hour on Disney Channel. The programming block will now air weekdays from 7:00-8:00 am.

ADVENTURES IN NUTRITION WITH CAPTAIN CARLOS is an animated short form series spotlighting a six-year-old boy who shows how healthy meals and regular physical activity make him feel like a superhero. CAPTAIN CARLOS was recently nominated for an Imagen Award for its positive portrayal of Latino culture.

Included in the new editions is how Carlos uses the body well while camping (he eats a tuna sandwich, for the protein that will give him strength to pitch the tent) and at the beach (where he snacks on yogurt to build the strong bones needed to build big sand castles). He eats blueberries that help boost brainpower for when he exercises his brain by playing chess and eats a protein-filled egg for the smarts it will take to create a great custom greeting card.

SHANE'S KINDERGARTEN COUNTDOWN is an animated, musical interstitial series featuring older sister Shanna as she helps her younger brother, five-year-old Shane, prepare for his for kindergarten. Emphasizing that school can be fun Shanna, Shane, Dinah the Dinosaur, Ducky, Tiger and a new character, Rhyno the rhino offer three easy steps to such new kindergarten experiences as taking the bus ("be on time," "listen to the driver," "stay in your seat until the bus stops"), making new friends ("tell them your name," "find out what you have in common" and "play!") and asking questions ("don't be shy," "raise your hand," "ask your question nice and loud).

Both Shanna and Shane are characters from the SHANNA book series by author and early childhood expert Jean Marzollo (I SPY) and published by Hyperion Books for Children.

The voice of Shanna is Gavin Turek while Shane is voiced by Crystal Scales. Ducky and Tiger's voices are performed done by Khadijah Haqq.

The three-minutes episodes are set to original music scored by industry legend Jeff Zahn (PBS' ARTHUR), SHANE'S KINDERGARTEN COUNTDOWN is exec produced by Matthew Thornton. Christopher Hamilton directs the episodes as well as provides the art, storyboard and animation direction. Maria Estrada (HIGGLYTOWN HEROES) voice directs the series.

SHANE'S KINDERGARTEN COUNTDOWN and SHANNA'S SHOW are produced in Macromedia Flash animation by One Red Room (, a recently launched Los Angeles-based digital animation studio.