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Disney Channel Grabs Turkey’s ‘Limon and Zeytin’

‘Limon and Zeytin,’ based on the Turkish cartoon series ‘Sizinkiler’ heads to Disney Channel beginning November 29.

Limon and Zeytin, cherished characters of Turkey’s most-loved cartoon series Sizinkiler, will reunite with their viewers on Disney Channel every weekend as of November 29th from 9:30 onwards.  Allowing families to spend quality time with their children through trustworthy and fun programming, Disney Channel now adds another local Turkish production to its line up with Limon and Zeytin.

Limon and Zeytin is now set to win further fans outside of Turkey first time as Disney plans to air the animated series in Poland, South Africa, Greece, Romania & Middle East in 2015.

Disney Channel brings together beloved characters of Sizinkiler cartoon Limon and Zeytin with families and kids every weekend.

Having had a stong heritage in Turkey amongst kids and families, Limon and Zeytin will now meet with families from all over Turkey through Disney Channel. The series reflect the daily family life in a humorous manner by recounting the adventures of darling daughter Limon, her mother Çıtçıt, beloved father Babişko and her playful best friend Zeytin.

Source: Sizinkiler

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