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Disney Channel Airing The Proud Family Movie

The animated Disney Channel Original Movie, THE PROUD FAMILY MOVIE, a family comedy based on the critically acclaimed Disney Channel series of the same name, premiered Aug. 19, 2005, at 8:00 pm with ratings to make the channel proud. The movie rebroadcasts at 8:00 pm on Aug. 20, 21, 24 as well as September 1, 11 (with an additional run 1:00 pm) and 27.

THE PROUD FAMILY MOVIE was the day's highest rated telecast on all basic cable and broadcast among kids 6-11 (8.4 national/10.5 coverage/2,044,000), boys 6-11 (6.6 national/8.2 coverage/819,000), girls 6-11 (10.4 national/12.9 coverage/1,226,000), tweens 9-14 (7.8 national/9.7 coverage/1,919,000), boys 9-14 (6.5 national/8.1 coverage/819,000) and girls 9-14 (9.2 national/11.5 coverage/1,100,000).

It was the #1 basic cable telecast of the day among kids 6-11 (10.5) and tweens 9-14 (9.7) and the #2 basic cable telecast of the day in households (4.1), the highest ratings in these demographics since the premiere of Disney Channel's original movie, HALLOWEENTOWN HIGH, on Oct. 8, 2004.

Also on Aug. 19, reached its highest traffic level ever (867,076 unique visitors for the day) with the online game challenge, THE PROUD FAMILY ATTACK OF THE G-NOMES.

On the eve of Penny Proud's 16th birthday, she and her friends sign up to be backup dancers for the famous recording artist 15 Cent who is scheduled to perform at a Wizard Kelly's charity basketball game. But Oscar Proud forbids her to participate and, instead, takes the whole family on an all-expenses-paid vacation to Legoom Island, offered to him by a mysterious Dr. Carver. It turns out Dr. Carver is a mad scientist who plans to unleash evil peanut-like creatures, Super G-Nomes, to take over the world if only he can get his hands on Oscar's secret Instant Everlasting Multiplying Formula.

An island musical scene and a singing performance by 15 Cent (Omarion), Dr. Carver and Uncle Bobby (Arsenio Hall) are featured in the movie. The screenplay was written by Ralph R. Farquhar, Calvin Brown, Jr., John Patrick White and Stiles White. The Original Score is by Frank Fitzpatrick. It was directed by Bruce W. Smith. The exec producers are Smith, Ralph R. Farquhar, Willard Carroll and Tom Wilhite. Chris Young is a producer. Jambalaya Studio produced THE PROUD FAMILY MOVIE.

Starring are Tommy Davidson (IN LIVING COLOR) as Oscar Proud; Kyla Pratt (ONE ON ONE) as Penny Proud; Paula Jai Parker (HUSTLE AND FLOW) as Trudy Proud; Jo Marie Payton (FAMILY MATTERS) as Suga Mama; Orlando Brown (THATS SO RAVEN) as Sticky; Soleil Moon Frye (SABRINA, THE TEENAGE WITCH) as Zoey; Alisa Reyes (PASSIONS) as La Cienega Boulevardez; Karen Malina White (MALCOLM & EDDIE) as Dijonay; platinum recording artist Omarion aka Omari Grandberry (YOU GOT SERVED) as 15 Cent; Arsenio Hall (THE ARSENIO HALL SHOW) as Dr. Carver; Jeremy Suarez (THE BERNIE MAC SHOW) as Wally; Aries Spears as Wizard Kelly; radio personality Big Boy as himself; and LisaRaye McCoy (ALL OF US) as the choreographer. Casting was by Eileen Mack Knight, C.S.A. and Kamala A. Thomas.

Assoc. producer was Eileen Mack Knight, Pixote Hunt art directed, background color stylist was Dennis Venizelos while background designers were Gary Mouri and Kevyn Wallace. Character, props and efx color stylist was Constance Allen.

Overseas Animation Studio was Koko Enterprises with overseas supervisors Tony Tulipano and Sheldon Arnst. Sandro Cleuzo, Squeeze Productions, did additional animation services while main title animation was by Prana Studios.

Recording Facilities were Larson Sound and Advanced Media while post-production sound was done at Oasis Digital. Brady Hammes was film editor and music editor was Gordon Fordyce.