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Disney Calls On Teamo Supremo For One Saturday Morning

Disney has placed an order for 13-episodes of a new animated series for "Disney's One Saturday Morning," entitled TEAMO SUPREMO. The new Walt Disney Television Animation show will join the ABC line-up in the fall of 2001. The series will follow a trio of pint-sized heroes -- Captain Crandall, Rope Girl and Skate Lad as they battle the forces of evil and homework. The series' style is based on the bright, colorful themes of the mid-1960s, the comic book-style of the live-action BATMAN and GREEN HORNET television series and the architectural concepts popularized at the 1964 World's Fair. TEAMO SUPREMO will be executive produced by Phil Walsh (RECESS) and directed by Joe Horne (TIMON AND PUMBAA). Spencer Breslin (DISNEY'S THE KID) will voice Captain Crandall, with Alana Ubach (BEAKMAN'S WORLD) voicing the rest of the team. Also featured in the cast will be Martin Mull and Fred Willard (FERNWOOD TONIGHT) as the supportive Governor Kevin and the gadget-inventing Paulsen, respectively, as well as Julia Sweeney, Brian Doyle Murray, Rachel Crane, Sydney Walsh and Jeff Glen Bennett. Celebrity guest voices have filled the vast majority of villainous roles, including Mark Hamill, Tim Curry, Ed Asner, Jim Belushi, Wendie Malick, Michael McKean, Michael J. Pollard and Joe Flaherty.

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