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Disney announces Goofy, Winnie The Pooh, Belle, and Inspector Gadget videos

Buena Vista Home Video is releasing new videos featuring Goofy, Winnie thePooh, Belle, and Inspector Gadget early next year. WINNIE THE POOH, AVALENTINE FOR YOU! is due January 11, 2000 on VHS for US$14.99. In thevideo, which premiered last year as a television special, Pooh and hisfriends are afraid that Christopher Robin has been bitten by a Smitten whenhe becomes interested in a girl. They search the Hundred Acre Wood for thelove bug, hoping it will bite him again and cure his lovesickness. BELLE'SMAGICAL WORLD, also due out January 11, 2000 on VHS for US$14.99, featuresBelle and other characters from Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST in threestorybook fantasies. GADGET'S GREATEST GADGETS, due January 11, 2000 on VHSfor US19.99 is a brand-new,full-length animated adventure featuringInspector Gadget's greatest gadgets. Gadget fans can follow the continuingadventures of characters from the original DIC series including InspectorGadget, his niece Penny, Brain and the evil Dr. Claw. Comedian Don Adams,who voiced Inspector Gadget in the original TV series, returns in thisall-new adventure. AN EXTREMELY GOOFY MOVIE is due on February 29, 2000.The VHS retails for US$24.99, and the DVD retails for US$29.99. In thevideo, Goofy's son, Max, can't wait to go off to college and experiencelife on his own, but Goofy misses Max so much that he loses his job anddecides to go to college, too.