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Disney announces FANTASIA 2000 release plans

Disney is going all out for their release of FANTASIA 2000 by launching anexclusive four-month run of the film in IMAX theaters around the world fromJanuary 1 through April 30, 2000. The updated version will debut with afive-city, London Philharmonic Orchestra-accompanied tour starting inDecember 1999. The tour, which will pass through Los Angeles, London, Paris andTokyo, will have its world premiere December 17 at Carnegie Hall in NewYork City with a concert by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. In addition,Disney will host a New Year's Eve gala for 2,000 guests at the PasadenaCivic Auditorium with a special screening of the film. Dick Cook, WaltDisney chairman, comments, "The exclusive 90-minute IMAX engagements offerus the opportunity to enhance the moviegoing experience and present thefilm as the visual and audio sensation that it is meant to be." Thesupervising director of FANTASIA 2000 is Hendel Butoy and segment directorsare Butoy, Francis Glebas, Eric Goldberg, Paul and Gaetan Brizzi and PixoteHunt.