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Direct Animation Workshops And Screenings

* Friday, May 4 Saturday, May 12, 2001. Seattle, U.S.A.

WigglyWorld presents a full week of great works of direct animation (cameraless filmmaking). Guest curator, direct animator and instructor Devon Damonte has been making direct motion picture graphics on 16mm and 35mm film for fifteen years. WORKSHOPS include: Saturday, May 5 and Saturday, May 12: Hand-Made Animation Workshop, an in-depth, hands-on two-part workshop exploring practical methods for experimenting with hand-made film; and Tuesday, May 8: Navigating The Festival Circuit - How can media artists make sense of the ever-increasing numbers of film festivals? SCREENINGS include: Friday and Saturday, May 4-5: MASTERWORKS: Visionary works from the past by Len Lye, Norman McClaren, Stan Brakhage, Harry Smith, Rose Bond and Barbel Neubauer. Plays Friday @ 7pm; Saturday @ 9pm; CURRENTS: New work in Direct Animation by Stan Brakhage, Richard Reeves, Sandra Gibson, Thad Povey and the Scratch Film Junkies, Don Best, Barbel Neubauer, Rena Del Pieve Gobi, Rock Ross and Thorsten Fleisch. Plays Friday @ 9pm; Saturday @ 7pm. Saturday and Sunday, May 5-6: ERE ERERA BALEIBU ICIK SUBUA ARVAREN, the legendary, rarely seen abstract animated epic handmade feature masterpiece by Basque genius Jose Antonio Sistiaga. Plays Saturday @ 5pm. And Sunday, May 6: DEVON DAMONTE w/GROUP LOOP. Devon presents a whirlwind tour of his own collage, hand-colored, photocopied, and scratched. Audience members will participate in making a "group loop" during the show. Plays Sunday only @ 7 & 9pm. The event will happen at the Little Theatre, 608 - 19th Avenue East (and Mercer), in Seattle. For more information: Tel.: (206) 329-2629; Web: