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DiMassimo Goldstein Taps Taylor James for Animated Spots

Animation-based campaign for educational subscription service Wondrium, blends various 2D styles to create whimsical spots ‘Bird’ and ‘IWonder,’ showcasing the subscription services’ variety of offerings.

Creative studio, Taylor James, was recently tapped by marketing agency DiMassimo Goldstein, to create 2x60” spots for an animated campaign to promote the multitude of online non-fiction video experiences available at the educational subscription service Wondrium.

Focused on showcasing the variety of Wondrium’s offerings, a mixed-media approach was taken to produce the short animations titled Bird and IWonder. A mixture of different 2D animation was blended together, creating two fluid pieces that cover diverse topics such as atomic power, chemistry, philosophy, art, and languages, as well as Egyptian history, and even how to make the perfect burger.

Check out Bird:

Tasked with creating fun and engaging spots, Taylor James’ designers and animators let their imagination soar to create the fantastic and whimsical characters. Each style and scene are informed by research and fun facts about the character and the period in history. The team at Taylor James found out that Abraham Lincoln was a wrestler before becoming president. So, there he is, wrestling. Another scene shows Picasso painting in the style of Bob Ross.

Check out IWonder:

Thorough research and planning allowed the creative studio to fuse history and math, science, and music. To bring the imaginative and playful characters to life Taylor James used Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects. Originally planning to have six to eight designs per spot, the creative studio ended up with a total of 43 designs and scenes for the two spots, further illustrating the variety of the video experiences available at Wondrium.

“The agency had the song written, and an outline of characters singing each part,” shared Taylor James’ creative director David Rasura. “They wanted a fun, 2D animation of the characters singing to showcase Wondrium’s offerings. We knew who the characters were, and how they were ordered, but it was up to us to figure out how to connect the dots. We got really imaginative. It’s the kind of spot where you really have to get playful.”

“It was a pleasure working on this project,” he added. “We worked so well within our own team, the client, the agency, and the music house. It was smooth sailing from the beginning and an absolute joy every step of the way.”


DiMassimo Goldstein - Producer: Alexandra McGuiness, DIGO Brands; Creatives: Paul Fix and Chris Martin, DIGO Brands

Taylor James, New York: Producers: Scott Pryor, Stephanie Savvides; Creative Director: David Rasura; Pitch Crew: David Rasura, Justin Ortiz, Cyrus Toulabi; 2D Animators: Andy Mastrocinque, Bill Mata; Designers/Illustrators: Gordon Waltho, Farid Hussein, Kim Dulaney, Tommaso Renieri; Storyboard Artist: Farid Hussein

Taylor James, Mexico City: Producers: Angelica Martinez, Miriam Franco; 2D Animators: Nicolas Lopez, Olaf Perez

Source: Taylor James