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Dilbert Exec Producer Catches Tick

TV veteran Larry Charles has been added to Columbia TriStars live-action TV version of THE TICK as an executive producer and show-runner. As part of the deal, Charles has extended his overall production-development pact with Columbia TriStar. Previously, Charles worked on SEINFELD and MAD ABOUT YOU and most recently executive produced Columbia TriStar's animated series DILBERT for UPN. The new Fox live-action TV series, TICK, is based on the underground comic book and stars Patrick Warburton (SEINFELD) as a neurotic superhero surrounded by quite odd and inadequate sidekicks the true superhero left-overs. Fox has already ordered eight-episodes to serve as a midseason replacement series. Charles will join Barry Sonnenfeld, Barry Josephson and TICK creator Ben Edlund as executive producers.

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