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Digital-Tutors Releases XSI Particles and Forces Training Kit

Digital-Tutors announced the availability of PARTICLES AND FORCES IN XSI training kit, a comprehensive training resource for SOFTIMAGE|XSI and the latest release in a growing library of popular training resources for emerging digital artists. A free trial of SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.4.2 Foundation is included with training kits.

PARTICLES AND FORCES IN XSI provides more than 3.5 hours of project-driven training and guides users through the intuitive particle system within XSI v.4.2.

[PARTICLES AND FORCES IN XSI] marks the second training release from Digital-Tutors for the XSI community, said Hillary Ahrens, operations director. PARTICLES AND FORCES is a highly sought after topic and Digital-Tutors has created an intuitive, enjoyable, and self-paced training kit to make learning easier. In addition to new training, Digital-Tutors is providing those who currently use or wish to use SOFTIMAGE|XSI with several free video training lessons to make learning more affordable. adds Ahrens.

Highlights from PARTICLES AND FORCES IN XSI include: setting up particle clouds, emitters and particle types, creating various particle interactions with obstacles, goals, and events, effectively using all the forces in XSI to influence particle behavior, defining the appearance of particles using the Render Tree and various nodes and shaders, efficiently coding an event script using VBScript, setting up particle simulations in numerous projects such as, falling snowflakes, blazing fire, oil slick, fireflies, sparks and volcanic eruptions, among others.

A pioneer of interactive video-based training, Digital-Tutors ( of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, develops award-winning training solutions for emerging digital artists. Recognized as among the largest resources for online training, Digital-Tutors allows artists to master software at their own pace and learn with fun, intuitive and hands-on projects.

Digital-Tutors is more than just training. The experience involves a global community that provides unlimited access to free interactive training videos, the opportunity to participate with chitCHATs, staying up-to-date with industry news, artist interviews, studio profiles, and informative newsletters. The DT Community can be accessed at

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