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Digital-Tutors Releases 24 New Tutorials, Ends 2011 with over 2.1 Million Videos Viewed

The New Year brings with it a lineup of new training content, including the announcement of the Unity Mobile Game Development Series featuring training for the robust game development tool.

From a Digital Tutors press release.

The New Year brings with it an exciting lineup of new training content, including the announcement of the Unity Mobile Game Development Series featuring training for the robust game development tool.

January's 24 new tutorials include over 300 video-based lessons and 45 hours or training covering the latest tips, techniques and workflows for Maya, Unity, ZBrush, Mudbox, modo, Photoshop, Design and Art, 3D Coat, Topogun, Silo and more. The close of 2011 also marks the end of a year filled with record amounts of training produced and training viewed.   

2011 by the Numbers

2,123,321 videos viewed

280,302 hours of training viewed (equaling 32 years of training)

213 tutorials released (more than a new tutorial every other day)

529 hours of new training

New January Tutorials:

Reusing Control Rigs in Maya

Linear Workflow Rendering Strategies in Maya 2012

Animation Retargeting Techniques in Maya

Maya Animation Reference Library - Animate Menu

Maya Modeling Reference Library: Proxy

Creating Stylized Female Character Concepts in Photoshop CS5

Using Texture to Enhance Digital Paintings in Photoshop CS5

Individual Zbrush Lessons: New Features in ZBrush 4R2

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Advanced Creative Development Tutorials:

Using HDR images for 3D lighting in Maya with Jon Tojek

Modeling a Cowgirl Character in Maya and Silo with Antony

Guerrilla Commercial Design Concept in Maya with Ed Whetstone

Character Modeling Workflows with ZBrush and 3D Coat with Bojana Nedeljkovic

Photorealistic Time-Lapse Animation & Rendering in Maya and modo with Martin Mayer

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Announcing the Unity Mobile Game Development Series:

Digital-Tutors brought together our top designers, illustrators, modelers, texturers, riggers, animators, game developers and programmers to create a working prototype for a potential pitch to publishers. Tutorials can be watched in order or individually to learn specific sections of the game production pipeline, with most techniques being transferable to your 3D application of choice. 

Unity Mobile Game Development: Characterand Weapon Modeling

Unity Mobile Game Development: Rigging andAnimation

Unity Mobile Game Development:Communication with Notification Center

Unity Mobile Game Development: PlayerFunctionality

Unity Mobile Game Development: UserInterface Design

Unity Mobile Game Development: GUIFunctionality

Unity Mobile Game Development: Saving Dataand High scores

Unity Mobile Game Development: Concept andDesign

Unity Mobile Game Development: EnvironmentModeling

Unity Mobile Game Development: UV Layoutand Texturing

Unity Mobile Game Development: SetDressing

Unity Mobile Game Development: LevelDesign

Unity Mobile Game Development: Lightingand Lightmapping

Visit the Unity Training Page >

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