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Digital-Tutors' Character and Scene Development Training for ZBrush Artists

Press Release from Digital-Tutors

Oklahoma City, OK - April 21, 2008 - Digital-Tutors, a Pixologic Authorized Training Provider and leader in video-based training, today announced 'Character and Scene Development in ZBrush,' the latest release in a growing library of interactive training for emerging digital artists using ZBrush, an award-winning integrated modeling, texturing, and illustration environment used in the film, television, game, and design industries. 'Character and Scene Development in ZBrush' offers nearly six hours of training covering a step-by-step approach to character and scene development and provides artists with time-saving workflows to sculpting, texturing, character interaction, composition, lighting, and rendering using ZBrush and Maya.

"'Character and Scene Development in ZBrush' takes artists from the initial concept sketch to the final rendered scene," said Justin Marshall, Lead Modeling Instructor at Digital-Tutors. "We spend a significant amount of time in ZBrush concentrating on the character and its composition and then we go into mental ray to light and render the scene. And, throughout this process we continue to focus on telling a creative and fun story using the interaction between two characters," added Marshall.

Character and Scene Development in ZBrushKey topics and popular highlights for 'Character and Scene Development in ZBrush' include: composition and layout; working from sketch; creating ZSphere base; adaptive skins; character posing; re-working topology; quick shaping the model; character interaction; adding multiple pieces with ZSpheres; appending Subtools; adding temporary materials; custom alphas and textures; exaggerating features for appeal; creating UVs in ZBrush; polypainting; converting polypaints to texture maps; exporting displacement maps; exporting normal maps; exporting geometry from ZBrush; importing geometry into Maya; 3-point lighting setup; camera placement; subsurface scattering effects; approximations for high-quality displacement; using final gather with subsurface scattering; adjusting render stats of objects; rendering scenes in multiple passes; outputting color, occlusion, and depth passes; compositing multiple passes with Photoshop; and depth-of-field effects to final render.

Pricing and Availability for Character and Scene Development in ZBrushFor a detailed outline, e-download information, and pricing for 'Character and Scene Development in ZBrush,' visit:

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