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Digital Media Innovations Conference Converges On Ontario

* Thursday, October 26 Saturday, October 28, 2000. Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

The Digital Media Innovations Conference has a full program dedicated to animation, 3D visualization and multimedia and telecommunications convergence. In animation, the conference will feature seminars on digital technologies, 3D animation software developments, cutting edge of digital visual effects, CG 4 kids programming, tools for animating the Web, storytelling for the digital age and future opportunities in new media. In 3D visualization, the event will hold discussion on: applied parallel processing and scientific data visualization; virtual reality in education and training; visualization and simulation in engineering; new media and medicine; interactive data exchange; enabling the architects and designers of the future; and HDTV, interactive TV and digital TV. Finally in multimedia, the conference will feature speakers on: leading edge contact centre management; embedded technologies; the Internet; Web design; collaborative authoring for new media; e-business incubation; and network architecture for e-business. For more information contact the conference at: Tel.: (905) 845-9430 x2783; E-mail:; or Web:,html.

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