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Digital Domain Delivers Seamless Effects for Spike Jonze’s New Ad for Kenzo

VFX house contributes a range of seamless effects for ‘My Mutant Brain,’ director Spike Jonze’s stunning new short film starring Margaret Qualley for Kenzo's new perfume, KenzoWorld.

VFX house Digital Domain contributed work to the stunning new short film directed by Spike Jonze for Kenzo's new perfume, Kenzo World.

Digital Domain VFX supervisor Janelle Croshaw once again teamed up with Jonze to launch new scent under Kenzo's newest creative directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon. The three-and-a-half-minute short film for Kenzo World, entitled “My Mutant Brain” and starring Margaret Qualley, is being called “the best perfume ad of all time.”

The short film, shot by cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema, starts out with Margaret inattentively sitting at a fancy dinner event. She exits the stuffy room and enters into the mirrored halls of L.A.’s Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. Qualley’s charismatic dancing takes over as she springs through the halls in a full-body frenzy, showing off her best high kicks and back flips, as well as an astounding ability to shoot laser beams from her fingertips.

As well as working closely with the art department and a handful of other seamless-looking shots that appear throughout the short, Digital Domain created the laser beams and ensuing wreckage they cause, and helped Qualley fly through an exploding eye made from flower petals.

“It’s always great collaborating with Spike, and assisting him to achieve the vision of his storytelling,” Croshaw said about the project. “The infinity mirror shot was probably the hardest paint/environment shot I’ve seen in a long time.”

Source: Digital Domain

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