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Digital Domain Creates CG World for 'Destiny' Game Trailer

Digital Domain helps create the trailer for Activision and Bungie’s highly anticipated videogame, Destiny, in a 60-second spot directed by Jon Favreau and starring Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito.

Digital Domain helped create the trailer for Activision and Bungie’s highly anticipated videogame, Destiny. The 60-second piece, “The Law of the Jungle,” from 72andSunny, is directed by Jon Favreau and stars Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad, Revolution). It premiered online today and will air during the NBA playoffs on Saturday.

VFX Supervisors Jay Barton and Richard Morton led the Digital Domain team for the trailer. an artful blend of live action and high-end CG that catapults viewers into a movie-like digital version of the Destiny  game world. 

To create the stylized, all-CGworld for “The Law of the Jungle,” Digital Domain first captured reference material of the Moon and Mars environments directly from Bungie’s game engine, and worked with the game’s geometry to choose camera angles for the sequences. They then re-rendered the material at significantly higher resolution and re-designed some elements specifically for the spot. Motion-captured actors were shot in Digital Domain’s virtual production studio with a virtual camera, which enabled the creative team to see the CG characters moving around within the environment – shooting CG as if it were live action. Digital Domain artists then went to work creating cinematic lighting, sophisticated cloth simulations and extravagant explosions to give the Mars and Moon environments a more realistic, volumetric feel. The trailer includes shots that blend CG and live action in unusual ways to create visual interest and a unique feel. 

 “Digital Domain approached this spot as filmmakers,” Favreau commented. “The artistic vision they brought along with the technology made for a fun collaboration.”

Watch “The Law of the Jungle,” below:

Source: Digital Domain

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