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Digital Dimension Unveils Two New Properties at Annecy 2017

Two new CG-animated series -- ‘Improbable Pirate Adventures’ and ‘Time Travelling Caveman Scientist’ -- to be produced at Montreal-based 3D and VFX studio using the Unreal 4 game engine.

ANNECY, France -- This week, at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, Montreal-based CG and VFX company Digital Dimension unveiled two internally designed intellectual properties: Improbable Pirate Adventures, an 11-minute, 52-episode series, and Time Travelling Caveman Scientist, a second TV series consisting of 78 seven-minute episodes.

Improbable Pirate Adventures is a character-driven slapstick comedy where you are invited to join a nine-year-old orphan girl, a human-sized Parrot Captain, and a runaway theme park animatronic who travel the modern city making big deals out of little things while living the pirate life to the fullest. Living aboard the Sea Ravager, their pirate ship and treehouse, Captain Krackers and his crew have a glorious time with no parents, no schedule and complete freedom.

Time Travelling Caveman Scientist teleports viewers to 355,000 BC, where Montgomery is the most famous and prolific inventor of his generation. His cavepeers owe him such breakthrough discoveries as the wooden stick, the rock, and fire. The next logical step in the invention ladder: Time Travel. Looking for food to feed his family, Monty travels to a different time period every day. One day he might appear in the roaring Twenties in Chicago, while the next he will make a visit to ancient Egypt. Along with his wife and brother, he sometimes bumps into a famous person, and their encounter leads to a great moment in history.

These two series will be produced in the Unreal 4 game engine, an expertise developed by Digital Dimension. Zafari, another 3D animated series using the same technology, is currently in production in the studio.

“Unreal 4 technology gives us with the ability to produce linear and interactive content, enabling us to deliver high-quality content on both traditional and emerging media,” commented Digital Dimension president and CEO Louis-Simon Ménard.

“It is very exciting to present for the first time the projects we developed internally in a festival as important as Annecy,” added Guy Harvey, minister of content at Digital Dimension. “The answer is already very positive for Improbable Pirate Adventures and Time Travelling Caveman Scientist, the coming months will be significant for our current and future productions.”

Digital Dimension is also taking time at Annecy to represent two other seven-minute television projects comprising 78 episodes on which the company acts as co-producer.

Source: Digital Dimension

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