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Digicel Releases Flipbook Version 3.6 And Three New Plug-Ins

DigiCel, Inc. has released version 3.6 of its FlipBook Pro software for traditional animation. This new version offers more palette control to simplify large productions, additional lighting effects for shadows, and highlights and glows with soft edges for a more natural and three-dimensional look. Also available in conjunction with the release of version 3.6 are three new plug-ins: Automatic Peg Registration, which allows the user to use automatic scanners with sheet feeders for unattended scanning; Film Resolution, which increases the maximum allowable resolution, giving users the option to output directly to film, broadcast video and AVI files; and Telecine, which converts animation drawn at 24 frames per second to 30 fps. According to Kent Braun, president of DigiCel, "The addition of these new features moves FlipBook into the upper echelon of 2D animation software. Some of our beta sites say that FlipBook is now better than the software theyve used at major studios to produce feature films. No other 2D animation software offers the power, ease-of-use and affordability of FlipBook." FlipBook Pro version 3.6 is priced at US$999. It is available as a free upgrade to all FlipBook Pro version 3 users. The plug-ins are each US$499. For more information visit the DigiCel web site at