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DIC To Transform Live-Action Evolution Into Toon

DIC Entertainment has signed on to create 26 half-hour episodes of EVOLUTION, based on Ivan Reitman's forthcoming summer live-action feature. This project re-teams DIC's president and CEO Andy Heyward with Reitman, who collaborated on REAL GHOSTBUSTERS and MUMMIES ALIVE. Producing the series along with DIC will be Reitman's The Montecito Picture Co. (TMPC) in conjunction with DreamWorks and Columbia Pictures. Heyward, Reitman and TMPC's co-founder Tom Pollack will executive produce the traditionally animated show. The film stars David Duchovny, Orlando Jones and Julianne Moore and chronicles a group of scientists who must stop a quickly evolving one-celled organism from taking over Earth. The animated series will re-team the characters from the film on new adventures to stop more outbreaks of the alien creatures. Heyward said, "I am thrilled that DIC will be working with both DreamWorks and TMPC, having worked with Ivan Reitman extensively in the past, we know the magic that he brings to every project and look forward to collaborating with him again." The series will be ready for TV in the fall, but so far no distributor has been signed.

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