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Devilman Possesses DVD

DEVILMAN compilation comes to DVD. Manga Entertainment presents two animated volumes on one DVD featuring: a full screen version digitally re-mastered with Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, a scene index, Go Nagai biography and filmography, photo gallery, original trailer, Manga video previews and Manga video Web link. Based on Go Nagai's best-selling manga comic book, DEVILMAN, EPISODE 1: THE BIRTH introduces a young high school kid named Akira, whose parents have mysteriously disappeared. The boy soon learns that his father has left him a legacy of fighting demons, yet whoever kills a demon must become a demon -- and only one who is pure of heart can possess the body of a demon. Is Akira that person? Continuing the adventure in EPISODE 2: DEMON BIRD: Demons, once trapped in the glacial ice of the Earth, have been unleashed on mankind after centuries of inactivity. Only two men have the ability to stop them, the cool-headed Ryo and the fearless Akira who, as Devilman, possesses the body and strength of a demon but the heart and soul of a human. The first volume hits stores April 25, 2000 for a suggested retail price of US$29.95.

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