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Dev Patel, Alia Shawkat and George Wendt Cast in Jérémy Clapin’s ‘I Lost My Body’

Andrew Bujalski to serve as creative lead for English dub of the award-winning animated feature, which comes to U.S. theatres and Netflix this November.

Jérémy Clapin, director of the award-winning animated feature film, I Lost My Body, has found his English cast. Netflix, which will release the film on November 29th after a U.S. theatrical run beginning November 15, has just announced that Dev Patel, Alia Shawkat and George Wendt are set to star in the English dubbed version of the film. Andrew Bujalski will work alongside Clapin as the creative lead on the dub.

I Lost My Body is produced by Marc du Pontavice and Xilam Animation. Clapin wrote the screenplay along with Guillaume Laurent, based on the Novel “Happy Hand” by Guillaume Laurent, the Oscar-nominated writer of Amelie. Original music is by Dan Levy.

Ottawa Animation Festival creative director Chris Robinson, writing about I Lost My Body in his Annecy 2019 feature film preview for AWN, said, “We might as well start with the film that’s rightfully getting the most buzz after taking the Critic’s Week prize at Cannes’ (an award usually won by a live-action film). Already celebrated for his innovative short films (Skhizein, Palmipédarium), Jérémy Clapin’s debut feature (whose worldwide rights have already been nabbed by Netflix) is a striking work of poignant beauty that follows the life of Naoufel, a young man struggling to find himself after the death of his parents along with his dreams of being a pianist and astronaut. The film is divided into two storylines: in one we follow Naofel’s life in Paris where he pursues love and purpose; in the second, his severed hand roams the mean streets of Paris in search of its body. Smart, poetic and funny, I Lost My Body deftly explores identity, grief, love and courage. The film went on to win the Annecy feature film grand prize.

Source: Netflix

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