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Destination Flies at Box Office

THE FINAL DESTINATION (WB/NL, with vfx by Amalgamated Pixels) was #1 at the Box Office, grabbing $28.3M.

Storming theaters by air, THE FINAL DESTINATION (WB/NL, with vfx by Amalgamated Pixels) was #1 with ticket buyers, grabbing $28.3M in its first week.

At #2, INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS (Wein, with vfx by Die Nefzers, K.N.B. Effects Group) took in $20M – down 47%, earning $73.7M to date.

Slashing the #3 spot, HALLOWEEN II (W/Dim., with vfx by East Coast Filming) earned $17.4M out of the gate.

Falling to #4, DISTRICT 9 (TriStar, with vfx by Image Engine Design) made $10.7M – down 41% with a total gross of $90.8M.

Still strong at #5, G.I. JOE: RISE OF THE COBRA (Paramount, with vfx by CIS Hollywood, Digital Domain, HPI and Lidar Services) earned $8M – down 34%. G.I. JOE has earned $132.4M so far.

Sony’s sleeper hit, JULIE & JULIA, fell slightly to #6 (Sony, with vfx by Brainstorm Digital) bringing in $7.4M – down only 15% with a total gross of $70.9M.

In the #7 spot, THE TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE (WB/NL, with vfx by Rhythm and Hues) made $6.7M – down 30% with a cume of $48M.

Tumbling to #8, SHORTS (WB, with vfx by Hybride Technologies) made only $4.8M – down 24% with a total gross of $13.5M.

Landing at #9, Ang Lee’s TAKING WOODSTOCK (Focus, with vfx by Mr. X) earned $3.7M in its first week.

Rounding-out The Top #10, G-FORCE (Buena Vista, with vfx by Asylum VFX, Hatch Production and Sony Pictures Imageworks) earned $2.8M -- down 30%. G-FORCE has earned $111.8M to date.

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