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Designer Charles McElmurry Passes Away

Designer/illustrator Charles O. McElmurry passed away Dec. 5, 2005, at the age of 84 in Santa Rosa, California. McElmurry grew up in Los Angeles and attended Chouinard Art Institute. He began his career in the animation industry at Walt Disney in 1942, but was soon drafted into the Marine Corps and sent to Quantico, Virginia. He spent the war years in a film unit there. He attended Chouinard Art Institute on the GI bill.

He later worked for many independent studios in New York, France, and California including Quartet Films, Jay Ward, Cartoon Farm and Bill Melendez.

CARTOON BREW reports, "Art Babbit was instrumental in getting Charlie into John Hubley's Storyboard Productions as a layout/designer. He had a wonderful time but, when Hubley moved to New York City, Charlie stayed in Los Angeles and worked at John Sutherland Productions. Quartet Films was started with many UPA artists and Charlie joined them. He did his design work for seven years from his home in New Mexico. Another life change brought him back to Southern California and he did freelance design from Eagle Rock until he felt it was time to retire."

His daugther, an illustrator/published artist, Jill McElmurry, writes, "He set high standards for himself in all that he did. He loved art, design, and architecture and built homes in Los Angeles and Taos, New Mexico. His warmth, humor, creativity and zest for life will be missed."

He is survived by his wife Rosemary, daughters Jill and Jennifer, and nephews Jim and Gary Wakeman.

At his request there will be no service. Memorial donations may be made to the Earle Baum Center Of The Blind, 4539 Occidental Road, Santa Rosa, California, 95401.