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Derek Lamb & Jeffrey Hale Team On New Short

Award winning filmmakers, Derek Lamb & Jeffrey Hale are teaming up with Toonz Animation India to produce THE LAST BRITISH COLONEL IN INDIA, a short animated comedy film. The flick is based on an original song by Derek Lamb and satirizes the British Empire days in India, bringing to light for the first time the real reason why the British quit India in 1947. "This entire project began to percolate at last years Week with the Masters hosted by Toonz Animation in India. Both Derek and Jeffrey thought it was time to tell this previously unknown story. The talented people at the studio are excited to be working with these award-winning filmmakers and we are thrilled with how the entire project is developing," said Bill Dennis, president & CEO of Toonz Animation India. Hale and Lamb first worked together in 1963 at the National Film Board of Canada to produce THE GREAT TOY ROBBERY, a parody of the classic Hollywood Western. Released by Columbia Pictures worldwide with Stanley Kubricks DR. STRANGELOVE, TOY ROBBERY became a huge success. Other films by the duo include THE SHEPHERD (1971), THE LAST CARTOON MAN (1973) and SPORTS CARTOONS (1986). In addition to being an accomplished filmmaker, Lamb headed the National Film Board of Canada in the 1960s and has taught animation at Harvard School of Design and other institutions around the world. The two-time Academy Award nominated animator, Hale, is the owner of Biographie Cartoon Films Studio in the U.K. and Imagination Inc. in San Francisco and has produced films for GARFIELD, PEANUTS and the Muppets.

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