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Demente Animation Studio and Masked Republic Ink Production Deal

Production duo will partner on IP development, bringing the tradition of Lucha Libre from the golden age of Mexican cinema to animated series and new media platforms.

Demente Animation Studio and Masked Republic have signed an agreement to partner in development of new TV and media projects based on the latter's original IP and industry leading luchadores.

“Without a doubt, directing an animation studio like Demente has been the best experience of my life, and our next step is to create and co-create our own intellectual properties that translate across media platforms because we know that this will add much more value to our company and a much greater reach,” commented Demente Studio CEO, Carlos Gaxiola.  “That is why we have decided to team with Masked Republic to create and develop an animated series and content that shows a great new take on Lucha Libre which is a big part of Mexico's identity and takes us back to a glorious past of the golden age of Mexican cinema.”

Lucha Libre wrestlers, also known as Luchadores, a term used in Mexico for professional wrestling. Mexican cinema has a long tradition of professional wrestling/action/science-fiction/horror films starring some of the most popular masked Luchadores in Lucha Libre. The Luchadores are portrayed as superheroes engaging in battles against a range of characters from spies, to vampires and Martians.

"We are honored and excited to be working with Demente to develop our first original series inspired by the world of Lucha Libre,” stated Masked Republic founder and CEO Ruben Zamora. "Our dedication to sharing the wonders of real-life Mexican superheroes, our luchadores, with the rest of the world requires having the right partners with whom a deep understanding of the sport’s cultural significance so that our stories can be unlike any which have been told before yet remain authentic at the same time.  We know that with Carlos and his team, we have found exactly that partner."

“Demente's work as a studio for hire over the last few years has been genuinely impressive,” added Masked Republic President and COO Kevin Kleinrock. “They have worked on numerous hit series and have scaled quickly to become a force in the Mexican animation industry. Working together on our first co-production has created a best-of-both-worlds scenario for Demente and Masked Republic and we can't wait to dive further into development of our series which is already unlike anything that has come before it.  Viewers will not have to be fans of Lucha Libre to enjoy the story world which will play out on screen.  Of course, fans of the real-life sport will get something extra as the universe reveals itself.”

Source: Demente Animation Studio