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Demente Animation Drops ‘The Go-Go Brothers’ Trailer

Guadalajara, Mexico-based studio teams up with series creators Michel Montijo and Steve Skrovan on a new animated kids’ series about three young brothers who travel with their parents and a spirit guide, capturing scary legendary creatures so children everywhere can have sweet dreams.

Guadalajara, Mexico-based Demente Animation Studio has released a trailer for The Go-Go Brothers, the passion project of studio CEO Carlos Gaxiola and Angel Ibarra A. Demente has teamed up with the show’s creators Michel Montijo and Steve Skrovan (Everybody Loves Raymond, Ahh! Real Monsters!, School of Rock) to take the project to market. Made up of 11-minute episodes, the series targets kids ages 6-12.

In the series, Rodrigo, Santiago, and Diego Gomez are the “Go-Go Brothers,” three young boys who hunt the monsters of urban legends that haunt every region of the country. Traveling around in an old RV with their unsuspecting carny parents and led by Catori, their spirit guide, the boys capture various scary creatures and send them off to Monsterland so that children everywhere can have sweet dreams.

“Every area of the country has some sort of scary, weird urban legend creature,” explained Montijo. “We looked it up. There are thousands of them, each a product of the geographical area. If a town has a swamp, sure enough, there’s a swamp creature, a mountain, there’s a mountain creature, a desert, there’s a desert creature. The possibilities are endless.”

Gaxiola added, “And it’s wide open for colorful, unique animation and story-telling specific to each particular region.”

Montijo continued, “Because the parents are carnies, the family can travel all across the country and beyond, so the Go-Go Brothers and Catori can encounter so many different types of situations.”

In the pilot, the Go-Go brothers make it to the carnival with Catori, located next to an airplane “graveyard,” a storage area in the desert for old commercial jets. Unfortunately, the “gremlins” that grounded the airplanes have migrated to the carnival, hiding themselves among the stuffed animals prizes, and are now wreaking havoc on the rides. Will the Go-Go Brothers and Catori be able to capture their first monsters before they break down one of the rides and somebody gets hurt?

Check out the trailer:

Source: Demente Animation Studio

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