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Decode & Sunwoo USA Finalize Co-Production Initiative

DECODE Entertainment and Sunwoo USA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sunwoo Entertainment, have finalized a co-production deal to produce the series B-BOT VS. THE ALIEN POSSE. The deal is being called the first Canadian/Korean co-production based on a property developed by a Korean company. Sunwoo USA developed the show for television from a concept originally created by Sunwoo Entertainment's commercial division for an advertising campaign. The concept was introduced at MIP 2002 and caught the attention of DECODE. The jointly-produced pilot was the number one screening at the 2002 MIPCOM Junior and the companies plan to produce 52 x 11-minute 2D animated episodes designed to appeal to 6 to 11 year-olds. "We specifically opened an office in Burbank to make it easier to facilitate these kinds of co-production opportunities," said Jae Moh, CEO and president of Sunwoo USA. "In Burbank we have greater access to North American creative talent. B-BOT is the first of what we hope will be many co-production ventures with DECODE." The television distribution will be shared in the U.S. Sunwoo USA will have distribution rights for Asia and the Middle East with DECODE taking all other worldwide rights.