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Image Entertainment is releasing Art Clokey's DAVEY AND GOLIATH on DVD andVHS. DAVEY AND GOLIATH was a stop-motion television series that was made byGUMBY creator Art Clokey for the Lutheran Church in America from 1962 to1977. It was usually shown on Sunday morning. In the series, Davey, a boy,and his dog, Goliath, would usually get into some sort of trouble, butlearn a moral lesson by the end of the story. The DAVEY AND GOLIATH DVDwill include eight 14 minute episodes. It is not region coded. Image isalso releasing the eight episodes on VHS, four episodes per tape: DAVEY ANDGOLIATH: THE NEW SKATES AND OTHER STORIES and DAVEY AND GOLIATH: THEWATERFALL AND OTHER STORIES. The DVD will retail for US$24.99, and the VHStapes will retail for US$12.98. Both DVD and VHS are scheduled to bereleased January 25, 2000.