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Darth Maul action figure tops sales

eToys Inc., an Internet retailer of children's products, reports that DarthMaul tops their list of most popular action figure characters. Samuel L.Jackson's Mace Windu, despite limited screen time, is number two. The leastpopular action figure characters at eToys are Senator Palpatine and theNaboo space craft pilot Ric Olie. Hasbro paid $590 million, and gave GeorgeLucas a 7.4% stake in the company, for the licensing rights to STAR WARSEPISODES ONE, TWO, and THREE.

Top Ten Action Figure Characters at eToys 1. Darth Maul 2. Mace Windu 3. C-3PO 4. Battle Droid 5. Obi-Wan Kenobi 6. Qui-Gon Jinn 7. Anakin Skywalker 8. Queen Amidala 9. Darth Sidious 10. Jar Jar Binks