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Daredevil & Spider-Man Directors

Mark Steven Johnson is in talks to pen and direct DAREDEVIL, the live-action adaptation of the Marvel Comics superhero franchise. The project originally started at Fox where directors such as Chris Columbus and Carlo Carlei developed the production. Now based out of Columbia Pictures, comic fan Johnson will breathe life into the story of the blind lawyer who uses his other, heightened senses to fight for justice. Marvel moved DAREDEVIL from Fox, because the studio is already busy putting together the Marvel titles X-MEN, FANTASTIC FOUR and SILVER SURFER. For years Columbia's parent Sony has been trying to find a helmer for Marvel's SPIDER-MAN. With names like James Cameron, Tim Burton, Chris Columbus and David Fincher all rumored, Sam Raimi (ARMY OF DARKNESS, A SIMPLE PLAN) has been brought in to swing the web-slinger into theatres. Sony is also working on a DR. STRANGE flick, which Chuck Russell has been rumored to write and direct.

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