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Daredevil Finds Its Way To Nintendo Game Boy

The action of Marvel's latest feature film superhero will soon be available in an action game for Nintendo Game Boy Advance. DAREDEVIL BATTLES THE KINGPIN will be released by Encore Games in conjunction with the February 2003 premiere of the New Regency/20th Century Fox/Marvel Studios film DAREDEVIL, starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. The game incorporates many elements of the feature film, including its characters, costumes and Hell's Kitchen setting. New York's crime gangs have escalated their activities to intolerable levels, and Daredevil is out to stop them in this sidescroller action game. Players get to be Daredevil as he fights his way through the underbelly of New York's Hell's Kitchen and battles familiar characters like Elektra, Bullseye and the Sewer King, as well as crime boss the Kingpin and his ninjas and mafia thugs. A unique feature of the game will be "Radar Sense," which will allow Daredevil to see invisible enemies and find hidden items. The game will also feature 23 levels, New York settings from the movie and game secrets based on movie details. DAREDEVIL BATTLES THE KINGPIN will retail for approximately US$30 and is rated "E" for Everyone.