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Dan Harmon’s ‘Krapopolis’ to Debut September 24 on FOX

The all-new animated adult comedy about dysfunctional humans, gods and monsters in Ancient Greece will join the Animation Domination lineup this Fall.

Krapopolis, the all-new adult animated comedy series from Emmy Award-winner, creator and executive producer Dan Harmon (Rick and Morty, Community) will make its FOX Animation Domination block debut with a special two-episode preview event on Sunday, September 24, immediately following the FOX NFL doubleheader.

The Fall kickoff of FOX’s Animation Domination block premieres the following Sunday, October 1, with all-new seasons of The Simpsons (8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT), Krapopolis (time-period premiere 8:30-9:00 PM ET/PT), Bob’s Burgers (9:00-9:30 PM ET/PT) and Family Guy (9:30-10:00 PM ET/PT).

Krapopolis is set in mythical ancient Greece and tells the story of a dysfunctional family of humans, gods, and monsters that try their hand at running the world’s first cities – without trying to kill each other, that is. The series features the voices of Emmy Award winner Hannah Waddingham (Ted Lasso), Richard Ayoade (The IT Crowd), Matt Berry (What We Do in The Shadows), Pam Murphy (Mapleworth Murders) and Duncan Trussell (The Midnight Gospel). 

In the series, Ayoade voices Tyrannis, the mortal son of a goddess and benevolent King of Krapopolis, who tries to make do in a city that lives up to its name. Waddingham plays Deliria, Tyrannis’ mother, goddess of self-destruction and questionable choices. Deliria is as petty as she is powerful, and only seems interested in defending civilization if it means she’ll get more worshipers out of it than her frenemies up on Mt. Olympus. Berry is Shlub, Tyrannis’ father, a mantitaur (half centaur [horse + human], half manticore [lion + human + scorpion]). He’s the self-described life of the orgy. A true pleasure seeker who thinks that everyone should just chill out and, if they need him for anything, he’ll be down at the bar. Murphy voices Stupendous, Tyrannis’ half-sister, daughter of Deliria and a cyclops. Trussell plays Hippocampus, Tyrannis’ half-brother, offspring of Shlub and a mermaid, and a hot mess, biologically speaking.

The show is FOX’s first wholly owned animated series; it’s produced by FOX’s Bento Box Entertainment. Harmon is Creator and Executive Producer. Steve Levy is Executive Producer. Jordan Young is Executive Producer and Showrunner (Season 1). Alex Rubens is Executive Producer and Showrunner (Seasons 2 & 3). The series has already been renewed for a second and third season prior to its Season 1 debut.

Additionally, FOX’s Web3 media and creative technology company Blockchain Creative Labs operates, a dedicated marketplace for the program which sells digital goods and NFTs; Krapopolis Krap Chicken Fan Passes grant exclusive access to token-gated content, show voting, scavenger hunts, games, a dedicated store, private Discord channels and access to meet-and-greets with the cast and crew. This is network television’s first animated series to be curated on the blockchain.

Watch Krapopolis, a tale as old as time, when it premieres during the 2023-24 Season.

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