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Daily Madness Productions Releases ‘Pins and Nettie’

Animated mini-series provides coping techniques for young viewers affected by the COVID-19 lockdown.

Dublin-based Daily Madness Productions has created and produced a new mini-series, Pins and Nettie, that reassures children in lockdown due to the COVID-19 crisis, providing them tools to navigate the interruption to their lives and routines. Mindfulness techniques empower kids to deal with their emotions, and playing games designed to join in from home provide the whole family with positive interactions.

Usually, there is nothing Pins and Nettie love more than to go exploring in the suburbs where they live… but their usual adventures are now on hold. For the time being, they need to stay home.

Pins and Nettie launched Friday, April 17 with a special episode called “Together and Safe” which is designed to acknowledge and identify feelings of anxiety (sadness, anger and fear) caused by the current COVID-19 crisis. The episode is suitable for the youngest of audiences and will take children though a simple mindfulness exercise to help empower them during moments of anxiety.

The episode was written by co-creator Shannon George (Giganotosaurus, Kody Kapow, Blue’s Clues), with the support of educational consultant Karen Leavitt (Blue’s Clues, Sesame Street, My Friends Tigger and Pooh) to provide children and families with both reassurances and moments of joy to help them through the current situation. The episode features voice over work by Nicola Coughlan (Derry Girls) who takes on the role of the Narrator in the special.

Each following week, Pins and Nettie with their friend, the Narrator, will learn about a fun new thing they can play either indoors or in their yard. The episodes are targeted towards children under five, featuring favorite games such as Simon Says, I-Spy and Hide-n-Seek.

“Animation is an amazing tool for connecting to people and, right now, with children across the world experiencing social distancing and lockdown scenarios, being able to connect with our youngest of audiences has never been so important,” commented co-creator and director, Lindsey Adams. “We want all the little ones at home to know they are not alone… that Pins and Nettie are experiencing the exact same situation too. We hope that with our two little heroes and their weekly activities, we can bring a little bit of extra joy to families during this difficult time.”

Daily Madness will continue to release a new episode of the Pins and Nettie series every Friday on YouTube until lockdown is lifted. When children can safely return to their playgroups and visit their relatives and friends again, then Pins and Nettie will also return to their usual adventures further from home. 

Source: Daily Madness