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D-BOX's Motion Seats Captivate Audiences with Terminator Salvation

Press Release from D-BOX Technologies Inc.

LONGUEUIL, QC, May 12 -- D-BOX Technologies Inc. (DBO.A on the TSX Venture Exchange), a leader in innovative motion technology for the Entertainment industry, is proud to announce that thrill-seekers and moviegoers alike can live the action-packed adventure of Warner Bros. Pictures' new feature film, TERMINATOR SALVATION from their very own motion-activated D-BOX MFX seating on May 21 in selected theatres.

Feel every jolt, rumble and jostle as D-BOX's Motion technology captures theatergoers and makes them a part of the onscreen action. Encounter gripping explosions, suspenseful fight scenes and experience the effects of flight all from the comfort of D-BOX's Motion Systems.

An unmatched realistic experience, motion designers code each movie, frame by frame, utilizing the company's breakthrough D-BOX MOTION CODE creating a customized immersive cinematic experience. Each seat moves in perfect sync with the onscreen action, and while moviegoers will experience motion during action sequences, the seats remain still during the quieter, dialogue-driven scenes and come equipped with individual adjustable settings to customize the experience.

"We're adding a new dimension to movie-viewing, TERMINATOR SALVATION is the perfect fit for D-BOX MOTION CODE technology," said President and CEO of D-BOX, Claude Mc Master. "Moviegoers can experience all the intense moments as if they were right there, living the action."

The fourth installment of this cult classic film series will be shown with D-BOX motion technology at three theaters nationwide including two new theaters - Theatres at Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota and Galaxy Theatres in Austin, Texas, in addition to UltraStar Cinemas in Surprise, Arizona, which successfully debuted the new technology in April 2009.

About D-BOX

D-BOX Technologies designs and manufactures leading edge high-technology motion systems mainly suited to the needs of the entertainment industry. With its unique, patented technology, "D-BOX MOTION CODE" uses motion codes specifically programmed for each film, TV program or video game, which are sent to a motion generating system integrated within either a platform or a seat. The resulting motion is perfectly synchronised with all onscreen action, creating an unmatched realistic, immersive experience. To date, D-BOX MOTION CODE is available on more than 850 titles.

Accordingly, many prominent Hollywood studios have started embedding D-BOX MOTION CODE on selected high definition Blu-ray releases. By reaching agreements with the leaders of both the motion picture and gaming industries, D-BOX's award-winning motion technology is gradually proving itself as a new global standard in the entertainment world. D-BOX is a publicly traded company listed on the TSX Venture exchange under the symbol DBO.A. For further information please see