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Cyclotron creates Letterman open

Cyclotron has completed a new open for CBS' "Late Show with DavidLetterman." It features a sweeping night view of the illuminated StatenIsland Ferry, the Manhattan skyline, and the newly renovated Grand CentralStation. It was shot on High-Def in preparation for future broadcasts ofthe show in HD. On-set supervision was conducted by Visual Effects ProducerRobert Buganza and Digital Composite Artist Tim Farrell during shoots ofthe Staten Island Ferry, the Manhattan Skyline and Grand Central Station toensure the accurate matching of live-action to CGI elements. Cyclotron thencreated a CGI-enhanced Manhattan skyline and rearranged landmarks in orderfor them all to be in clear view from the Ferry. They also created aluminous moon and starfield, a nighttime seascape surrounding the Ferry, aswell as the show's colorful 3D main title. The biggest challenge was tomarry the elements seamlessly during a lengthy camera movement that wasshot without motion control. Jerry Foley directed, Angela Bowen wasManaging Director, Yakov Baytler was CGI Animator, Alex Lebedev was DesktopVideo Artist.