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Cyber Group Studios and Boomerang Greenlight ‘Taffy’ Season 2

New season of 2D animated series, inspired by classic Hanna Barbera cartoons, brings episode total to 156. 

Paris and Los Angeles-based producer and distributor Cyber Group Studios and Boomerang International have announced Season 2 of their original 2D HD animated comedy series, Taffy. The new season will consist of 78 7-minute episodes, expanding the popular series to a total of 156 episodes.

The show, which was selected for official “TV Film” competition category at Annecy 2020 International Animation Film Festival, will air its second season on Boomerang across international markets and on major French network Gulli.

Inspired by the classic toons of Hanna Barbera, Taffy Season 2 will be full of surprises, brimming with new adventures, comedy, new sets, and characters. The show follows the non-stop, slapstick misadventures of a loyal hound dog named Bentley after his billionaire old lady owner Mrs. Muchmore takes in a racoon imposter posing as a wide-eyed, fluffy angora cat.

Each episode sees Bentley trying to reveal “Taffy” for the varmint that he is, while super-clever Taffy handily (and comically) turns the tables on the dog. From traveling from Mrs. Muchmore’s luxurious mansion to a five-star cruise, to international adventures on a jet-ski or a visit to the President, wherever these rivals go, mayhem is sure to follow.

“It is a real pleasure for me as an author and producer to embark on this second season of Taffy with our friends at Boomerang and to be also able to push the comedy limits of the series –  taking Taffy, Bentley and Mrs. Muchmore on summer and winter vacations in lush locations, meeting new great personalities and characters,” commented Cyber Group Studios chairman & CEO, Pierre Sissmann.

“Taffy is a great success story, which stems from a valuable relationship with a European production partner to commission a series for Boomerang that can travel across international,” added Cecilia Persson, VP of Programming & Content Strategy, Turner EMA Kids, Acquisitions & Co-Productions International. “The show is a perfect fit with our channel’s DNA and has enjoyed a strong performance – proving that this kind of comedy is truly universal.”

Source: Cyber Group Studios