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Cyber Group Studios and Bee Prod Team Up

France-based companies will collaborate on developing new intellectual properties for the global market.

PARIS -- Cyber Group Studios and Bee Prod are pleased to announce a strategic agreement to develop new intellectual properties.

Under the deal, Pierre Belaïsch founder of Bee Prod, will supervise the creative department in France of Cyber Group Studios and also will work with the Cyber Group Studios USA development team to create joint global properties.

Cyber Group Studios’ development units in France and the United States are working on a slate of more than 15 new IP’s. From preschool to kids and family these properties will be targeting potential clients and consumer segments on all continents.

Together with the studio division of Cyber Group, headed by Olivier Lelardoux, Cyber Group Studios’ development teams and Bee Prod are committed to bring groundbreaking stories and images to an always more-demanding public throughout the world.

In addition, both companies will be joining forces on Bee Prod’s current productions, such as Roboats (52 x 11 mins.), a CGI series in development with France Télévisions, and on other series to be announced soon.

“I am thrilled to partner with Pierre Belaïsch and join our talents on development of new international IP’s,” says Pierre Sissmann, CEO of Cyber Group Studios, “as we have worked together already for over ten years in the past in developing award-winning properties. With this innovative partnership in France and Ira Singerman in the U.S., Cyber Group Studios is clearly well positioned to address the creative future of the animation industry”.

“This is an exciting moment for Bee Prod and myself personally,” says Belaïsch, “and I look forward to working with Pierre and his team to create new IP’s and great series, but also to tap on Cyber’s own resources to further the existing development of Bee Prod in a joint collaborative effort.”

Source: Cyber Group Studios, Bee Prod

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