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Cyber Group Hires Production Veterans Audebert, Baclet

Pair will oversee production at the growing company’s locations in France.

PARIS -- Cyber ​​Group Studios is strengthening its production teams with the arrival of Stéphanie Baclet as head of productions at Cyber Group’s new studio in Tourcoing, in the Hauts-de-France region; and Caroline Audebert as head of productions based in Paris.

Audebert will coordinate all the productions in progress and supervise all directors and production managers. As a 3D specialist, she joins the company at a time when CGI developments are a key to its ongoing activity. She previously worked at Superprod, Gaumont Animation, CISCO and was a former ESRA professor of 3D/CGI.

Baclet will develop the activity of Cyber Group Studios in the Hauts-de-France region and provide support to the Paris studio on a number of productions. As a 3D and 2D digital specialist and producer, Baclet brings additional expertise in 2D and animated feature films. She previously was Studio Director and Director of the Cinema and Audiovisual Divisions of Ankama and also formerly Delegate Producer at TF1 Production.

“This is a key moment for Cyber Group Studios, which expands its development in France and abroad, particularly in Los Angeles with our new American subsidiary,” says Olivier Lelardoux, senior VP of the studio and associate producer. “With Stéphanie Baclet, Caroline Audebert and Jacques Romeu (former Studio 100), Director of studio developments, the company is well armed to face the challenges of the coming years.”

After delivering two new series this year, Zou season three and Mirette Investigates, Cyber ​​Group Studios has seven series in production slated for 2018 and 2019 and more than ten new projects in development. It includes the ongoing productions of The Pirates Next Door for France Televisions, Sadie Sparks for Disney EMEA, Gigantosaurus for Disney Junior Worldwide, Taffy and The Happos Family 2 for Turner International, Mini-Ninjas 2 for TF1 productions and TF1, and Tom Sawyer for RAI, ARD/HR and SRC in Canada.

Source: Cyber Group Studios

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