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Cuppa Coffee & Six Point Harness Provide Sic’Emation for MTV2

For MTV2s new SicEmation lineup, Cuppa Coffee and Six Point Harness have provided work on the new CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH and WHERE MY DOGS AT? respectively.

As the largest stop-motion studio in North America, Cuppa Coffee was brought on board by MTV2. It was important to keep the feel of the original series and build on that to offer a slicker sharper looking show, explains series director Andrew Horne. Of course we wont stray far from what makes the show funny; blunt force trauma.

Originally created by Eric Fogel, the series ran from 1998 until 2002, at which point it took a hiatus to let the celebrities breed again according to MTV executives.

Along with celebrity blood and guts, the new season of CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH features the return of hosts Nick Diamond and Johnny Gomez with Mills Lane again donning the stripes as referee. As well, Cuppa Coffee has created more than 100 new puppets.

From Six Point Harness comes 2D animation series, WHERE MY DOGS AT? As the stray dog duo of Buddy and Woof navigate the Hollywood jungle, the audience is given hysterical parodies of many movie stars along the way. Under the direction of Greg Franklin, the animators at Six Point draw every blemish, bump and mole on such stars as Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Angelina Jolie. WHERE MY DOGS AT? stars the voices of comedians Jeff Ross and Tracy Morgan as the programs principal pooches.

Rounding out the lineup from MTV and Remote Prods. is THE ADVENTURES OF CHICO & GUAPO. Set in a New York recording studio, the show follows the comic misadventures of two hapless interns striving to get ahead in the music business by any means necessary. The half-hour show is comprised of a series of animated vignettes intercut with the lead characters critiquing all things pop culture. CHICO AND GUAPO stars and was co-created by actor Orlando Jones, (DRUMLINE, EVOLUTION), PJ Pesce (writer/director of THE DESPERATE TRAIL and THE HANGMAN'S DAUGHTER), and Paul D'Acri (writer of THE ORLANDO JONES SHOW and the Academy Award-nominated short film, DEATH IN THE CATHEDRAL). CHICO & GUAPO is exec produced by Tony Disanto and Chris Linn.

Cuppa Coffee is a full-service animation studio providing stop-motion and 2D animation for the television and commercial markets. For more information, visit

Six Point Harness is an L.A.-based independent animation studio that serves many major networks and movie studios. 6PH is also launching its own original shorts program that will wrap in September 2006 and will feature six never before seen shows. For further information, visit

For information on all the shows and MTV2, visit

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