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Crunchyroll Reveals Summer 2024 Anime Calendar

Newly added titles include ‘The Magical Girl and the Evil Lieutenant Used to Be Archenemies,’ ‘Theatre of Darkness: Yamishibai 13’ and ‘True Beauty;’ popular series continue with new episodes dropping weekly.

Crunchyroll has released their sizzling summer anime lineup – Here’s what’s coming!

July 9

No Longer Allowed in Another World (Atelier Pontdarc)

  • Pulled into an otherworldly adventure with cute sidekicks and superpowers, you’d think Osamu hit the jackpot. Nope! From a time before pixels, the early 20th-century gloomy author just wants to find a quiet place to meet his maker, not to rack up XP. Sadly, his poetic demise is constantly thwarted by inconvenient heroics. Dive into the hilariously tragic life of the most reluctant hero!
  • Dubs include English, Hindi, Tamil, and Teleugu.

The Magical Girl and the Evil Lieutenant Used to Be Archenemies (BONES) Newly added title!

  • An evil organization invades and destroys everything in its path. The brains of the brutal operation is the king’s right-hand man, an evil lieutenant named Mira. Everything changes when a magical girl named Byakuya Mimori tries to stop the evil group in their tracks. When Mira confronts her, he knows it’s love at first sight. What will become of Mira and Byakuya, stuck between orders and love?

July 10

Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World Season 2 (Studio Palette)

  • After Alice, Iska, and Sisbell defeat the Object, they return to the Nebulis palace. Iska becomes Sisbell’s guard through a secret pact, and they find themselves drawing closer with each passing day. Alice’s heart aches upon seeing her sister arm-in-arm with Iska. A dark conspiracy is at play, and the trio is caught in the crossfire. But can they uncover the truth in time to prevent total war?
  • Dubs include English, Latin American Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Love Is Indivisible by Twins (ROLL2)

  • Jun Shirosaki’s love life takes a wild turn when he finds himself caught between the Jinguji twins—his childhood friends who are as different as night and day. Rumi, the older sister, pairs a boyish charm with a maiden’s heart, while Naori combines girlish looks with her deep love for otaku culture. As feelings grow and confusion mounts, Jun must navigate this unexpected love triangle next door.

July 12

Bye Bye, Earth (LIDENFILMS)

  • Belle Lablac doesn’t really fit in as the only human being in a world full of anthropomorphic animals. No fangs, no fur, no scales, no claws. Lonely and eager to discover where she comes from, Belle journeys to find answers to the questions of her heart. Carrying nothing but her giant sword, the Runding, she faces a world of possibilities and pitfalls in hopes of discovering the truth.
  • Dubs include English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.

July 13

Makeine: Too Many Losing Heroines! (A-1 Pictures)

  • Meet the girls on the losing side of romance! First is Anna Yanami, the girl-next-door type who can’t say no to delicious food. Then there’s Lemon Yakishio, a beautiful and spirited athlete. Last but not least is Chika Komari, the cute yet shy heroine with gentle charm. Together, they navigate awkward setbacks hoping to finally find love!
  • Dubs include English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.

ATRI -My Dear Moments- (TROYCA)

  • The future is here, and most of civilization has succumbed to the rising seas. Natsuki, a boy who lost his leg in an accident, returns to his flooded hometown. But all that’s left is his late grandmother’s ship, submarine, and mountain of debt. As he explores her sunken lab for rumored treasures, he finds Atri, a lifelike robot girl who offers to help him in ways he could never imagine.

Why Does Nobody Remember Me in This World? (Project No.9)

  • In a world where humans triumphed in a great war, Kai guards sealed crypts containing their enemies. But when “World Rebirth” overwrites history, he’s thrust into an alternate reality where humanity lost the war and he’s been forgotten by everyone he knows. Now, this lost hero must rise to restore the world’s balance!
  • Dubs include English.

July 14

Theatre of Darkness: Yamishibai 13 (ILCA) Title added on July 3.

  • Each week at dusk, a man in a yellow mask arrives at a nearby playground. Gather at his feet to listen and learn from the mysterious storyteller. He recounts tales of horror to his captive audience, each story darker and more sinister than the last. Drawing from traditional paper dramas, the stories weave myths, urban legends, and rumors from Japan’s long history of haunting tales.

July 17

Sengoku Youko: The Thousandfold Chaos Arc (White Fox)

  • Humans and katawara are at war, but there are those on each side who join forces. Tama is a fox spirit who loves humans, while her sendou brother, Jinka, despises them. Together, they use the power of spirit transformation to defeat the monstrous katawara and put an end to the evils of this chaotic age. What destiny awaits the duo at the end of their journey?

August 7

Delico's Nursery (J.C.STAFF)

  • Hailing from the prestigious noble house of Delico, Dali Delico is an elite member of the Blood Pact Council with a promising future. When the Blood Pact Council, the highest governing body for the Vamps, assigns a special mission to Dali, he flatly refuses it. Having lost patience, Gerhard, Dino, and Henrique, who are also Council members serving the same term as Dali, rush to the house of Delico to persuade him. What they witness there is Dali, taking care of an infant himself… Meanwhile, there has been a series of mysterious murders targeting Vamps. Can they find the right balance between their absolute mission and childcare in this magnificent gothic world?!
  • Dubs include English.

True Beauty (Studio N) Title added on July 3.

  • Once bullied for her looks, Jugyeong transforms herself using the art of makeup. When she joins a new school with a True Beauty goddess competition, offering winners the chance of recruitment by entertainment agencies, she instantly becomes a top candidate! But her new identity is at stake when heartthrob Suho Lee accidentally sees her bare face. Will her elite status be short-lived?
  • Dubs include English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.

Series Continuing from Spring 2024

  • Spice and Wolf: MERCHANT MEETS THE WISE WOLF (Passione) –  New episodes on Mondays
  • DEAD DEAD DEMONS DEDEDEDE DESTRUCTION (Production +h.) – New episodes on Thursdays
  • One Piece (Toei Animation) – New episodes on Saturdays
  • My Hero Academia Season 7 (BONES) – New episodes on Saturdays
  • That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 3 (8bit) – New episodes on Saturdays
  • YATAGARASU: The Raven Does Not Choose Its Master (Pierrot) – New episodes on Saturdays
  • Case Closed (Detective Conan) (TMS Entertainment) – New episodes on Saturdays
  • Wonderful Precure! (Toei Animation) – New episodes on Saturdays
  • Chibi Maruko-chan (Nippon Animation) – New episodes on Sundays

Things Crunchyroll wants you to know:

  • Schedule and dub languages are subject to change and may vary by region
  • Dates listed reflect new subtitled simulcast premieres only.
  • Dub date launches will be announced later.

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Source: Crunchyroll

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