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Crunchyroll Announces V-CRX Programming and Free Registration

Virtual Crunchyroll Expo, streaming from September 4-6, brings together the anime community to celebrate the best and brightest in Japanese animation

Crunchyroll announced the lineup of guests, panels and programming for this year's Virtual Crunchyroll Expo (V-CRX), including Yongje Park, the creator of The God of High School, an exclusive virtual tour of the Studio MAPPA art gallery, and the world premiere of episode 9 of the Crunchyroll Original series GIBIATE.

  • CRX attendees will hear from the people behind Crunchyroll Originals including director and character designer, Masahiko Komino (animator for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure); voice actor, Soma Saito (Tadashi Yamaguchi in Haikyu!!); and director, Yoshikatsu Kimura (Karate Girl) of EX-ARM; and Noblesse writer, Jeho Son and artist, Kwangsu Lee.
  • Also announced, a discussion on race in anime with D’art CEO, Shtajio Arthell Isom; author of “Japanamerica,” voice actor Patrick Saitz (One Piece, Hetalia Series, and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure); illustrator Tsukara Kiryu, (So I’m a Spider, So What?) who will be joining light novel author of “Okina Baba,” Fujimi Shobo.
  • The V-CRX Gallery Tour featuring Studio MAPPA will include behind-the-scenes artwork from popular series including The God of High School and as well as video messages from artists and creators.
  • Crunchyroll announced the two remaining judges for Crunchyroll-Hime’s Cosplay Cup, Rock M. Sakura (@RockMSakura) & Kamui Cosplay (@KamuiCosplay). The event will be a celebration of fan-created costumes from anime and anime-inspired series. The Cosplay Cup will take place Saturday, September 5.

Registration for V-CRX is open; the global anime community is encouraged to sign up for a free pass to this year’s event to catch all the action, announcements, and guest panels.

Virtual Crunchyroll Expo is a digital take on Crunchyroll’s yearly flagship convention that brings together the anime community to celebrate the best and brightest in Japanese animation. The event will be streaming from September 4-6.

Additional information is available here.

Source: Crunchyroll