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Crunchyroll Announces Indian Subscriber Rollout Plan

The upcoming subs and dubs in Hindi and Indian English include ‘Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Mugen Train’; ‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc’; ‘Darling in the FRANXX’; and ‘Fire Force.’ 

Crunchyroll has revealed its rollout plan for Indian subscribers, including upcoming Hindi and Indian English subtitled and dubbed anime titles. 

Fans in India can look forward to Hindi and Indian English dubbed shows - with new episodes dropped weekly - including Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Mugen Train; Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc; Darling in the FRANXX; and Fire Force

The streamer will also add the first season of Radiant with a Hindi dub and continue Hindi dubbed episodes of Ranking of Kings.

Other upcoming titles with Indian English or Hindi dubs are Akebi's Sailor UniformTokyo 24th WardTrapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs; and Miss KUROITSU from the Monster Development Department.

Finally, Crunchyroll will add English subbed and dubbed content on the first and third Wednesday of each month for its Indian subscribers. 

Source: Crunchyroll

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