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Cottonwood Media’s 2D ‘Squish’ Now Streaming on HBO Max

Based on a popular graphic novel of the same name, the original animated comedy for kids features characters based on microscopic creatures; series educates children about the world around them.

Squish, the science-based 2D animated comedy from Cottonwood Media is now streaming on HBO Max. The series is based on the original kids’ graphic novels of the same name, written by New York Times best-selling authors Jennifer and Matthew Holm, and published by Penguin Random House. The series is executive produced and developed by John Derevlany.

Set in the town of Small Pond, Squish is an optimistic, overconfident amoeba who along with best friends Peggy and Pod, embark on hilarious adventures in hopes of finding their place in this weird, gooey world. In a town filled with amoeba and paramecium, bacteria, viruses, and fungi, navigating social survival is a true struggle.

With characters based on real microscopic creatures, Squish aims to educate kids about the world around them while helping to better understand the things they may be afraid of. While only a single-cell himself, Squish (the comic book-loving, twinkie-eating amoeba) is big enough to help kids tackle any fear and show that not all bacteria and viruses are bad. Combining friendship, science, and the tools to figure it all out, this animated comedy proves that amoebae have quirks just like us.

Source: HBO Max