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Cottonwood and Ananey Studios to Co-Produce ‘Fairy Express’

In the original, all-new CGI animated series, fairies have created an App to grant kids their wishes.

Cottonwood Media and Israeli production house Ananey Studios, a Paramount company, have joined forces to co-produce Fairy Express, a brand-new CGI animated bridge kids series based on an original concept by Emmy and BAFTA-nominated creator and director Gili Dolev (Zack and QuackNella the Princess Knight, Powerbirds), and co-creator and Head of Kids & Family, Ananey Studios,  (Craft Party, Hahamama).

Fairy Express (52 x 11’) is a CGI animated series that targets kids four-to-six.  According to the companies, in the show, three entrepreneurial fairies, Charm, Pixie, and Wonder have invented a special App named “Fairy Express” to grant kids their wishes - an instant 21st Century magical service for those in need.  Each day, the fairies fly to the coastal town of Wishington, where kids eagerly wait for them to grant their wishes.  Whether it’s a young dog walker who lost all 10 dogs under his care, or a girl whose birthday invites were sent for the wrong day, a solution is only a magic spell away. Or five of them… when the first spell doesn’t go as planned and backfires. But even when things go wrong, everyone knows that a little mess is all part of the magic.  

Gili Dolev and Shirley Oran executive produce; Cottonwood Media’s David Michel, Cécile Lauritano, and Zoé Carrera Allaix produce.

Regarding the deal, co-founders of Cottonwood Media Michel, Lauritano and Carrera Allaix, stated, “This marks a first-time partnership with Ananey, and it’s great to be collaborating on this enchanting production with such an inspiring creative team.  Fairy Express is one of those exquisite projects that will make kids smile, laugh, and pretty much give them a hug from the inside out.”  

Monica Levy, Head of Sales, Federation Kids & Family, stated, “We are so excited to launch this very modern tale of classic fairy tales, with very, very cute ‘Fairies in Training!’”

Hila Pachter, Head of International Relations, Ananey Studios said, “We’re so happy to be partnering with our talented friends at Cottonwood Media on this sweet and charming new show and can’t wait to sprinkle magic on viewers everywhere.”

Federation Kids & Family will be handling worldwide distribution (outside of Israel) and will present to buyers for the first time at MIPCOM.

Source: Cottonwood Media

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