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‘A Costume for Nicholas,’ ‘Homeless Home,’ and ‘Petit’ Lead 4th Quirino Awards

Works from Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Spain, Mexico, and Portugal are honored across nine categories at May 29 in-person gala event and closing ceremony recognizing achievements in Ibero-American animation.

The Quirino Awards for Ibero-American Animation wrapped up their fourth edition on May 29 with an in-person gala and the announcement of this year’s winners. Works from Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Spain, Mexico, and Portugal received distinctions across nine categories.

2021 Quirino Award Winners are as follows:

Best Full-Length Film:

Un disfraz para Nicolás (A Costume for Nicholas) - directed by Eduardo Rivero, written, and produced by Miguel Angel Uriegas (Mexico).

The film tells the story of Nicholas, a child with Down syndrome who, with the help of different costumes, embarks on an adventure in a kingdom where chaos reigns. Fran Fernández, who born with Down syndrome, voices the main character.

Best Ibero-American Animated Series:

Petit 2ª Temporada (Petit - 2nd Season) - directed by Bernardita Ojeda and produced by Pájaro, co- production with Pakapaka, Señal Colombia and Non Stop (Chile, co-production with Argentina and Colombia)

The series aimed at preschoolers, narrates the adventures of a five-year-old child that is able to resolve conflicts from his own original perspective.

Best Ibero-American Animated Short Film:

Homeless Home - directed by Alberto Vázquez and produced by Uniko and Autour de Minuit (Spain, co-production with France) 

The film conveys a social message through a fantastic parable -- with witches, orcs, sorcerers, and ghosts as protagonists.

Best Ibero-American Animation School Short Film

Memories for Sale - directed by Manuel López. Veritas University (Costa Rica)

Best Ibero-American Commissioned Animation:

Rutas (Routes) - directed by Alejandro Imondi and produced by Osa Estudio (Argentina)

Best Ibero-American Video Game Animation:

GYLT - developed by Tequila Works (Spain)

Best Visual Development in Ibero-American Animation:

Elo (Tie) - produced by Bando à Parte and Bap Animation Studios, co-production with Providences (Portugal, co-production with France)

Best Ibero-American Animation Design:

Umbrellas - produced by Bígaro Films and Moukda Production (Spain, co-production with France)

Best Sound and Original Music Design for Ibero-American Animation:

Loop - produced by Uniko (Spain, co-production with Argentina)

Source: The Quirino Awards for Ibero-American Animation