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Cospective Announces cineSync 4.0

Next generation of secure, synchronized reviews across multiple platforms and devices introduced at NAB 2016.

Adelaide, Australia -- Cospective, creator of innovative software solutions to visual communication challenges, has announced a ground-breaking update to its Academy Award-winning remote review and approval solution cineSync.

cineSync 4.0 enables a faster, more streamlined, and more accessible remote collaboration experience. cineSync 4.0 will work across applications, web browsers and iOS, enabling access from wherever users are in the world. This has been achieved with complete security: cineSync has been developed in conjunction with the security departments of several major studios.

cineSync 4.0 will be shown at NAB, with the Cospective team on hand to demo the new features on Autodesk booth #SL3316 and ftrack booth #SL14913.

cineSync 4.0 is due for commercial release in summer 2016.

In cineSync 4.0, users can enjoy the following features:

Multi-platform access: cineSync 4.0 works across applications, web and iOS. Wherever users may be, they can connect, collaborate and communicate. Guests can review files on mobile devices, anywhere, anytime, enabling a streamlined approach to reviews.

Shotgun and ftrack integrations: Leveraging seamless integrations with industry leading tools, cineSync 4.0 can browse and load media playlists directly from applications such as Shotgun and ftrack -- and then export all review notes, drawings and saved frames back to those applications for a record of the review. Users can invite guests to web and iOS reviews without having to share media in advance, and without leaving easily accessible copies of the media on the recipient’s file system.

Total security: cineSync 4.0 has been developed in conjunction with the security departments of several major studios, meeting their requirements at every step. Guests in reviews are now logged, so there’s a complete record of everyone participating.

“The world of creative post-production is growing ever-more demanding. The tools that we use need to evolve alongside that growing complexity, simplifying the process however possible. That was the thinking behind cineSync 4.0 – we wanted to make it as easy and accessible to jump in and review content from wherever you may be in the world, and whatever device you may be using,” comments Cospective CEO Rory McGregor. “By leveraging deep integrations with industry-standard tools such as ftrack and Shotgun, and ensuring the highest possible level of security, cineSync 4.0 is more poised than ever to service the shifting needs and approaches to creative collaboration.”

Source: Cospective

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