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CoSA VFX Expands Global Leadership Team

VFX house announces promotions; Mark Nazal named director of digital content, and Astrid Eve named global HR manager.

CoSA VFX has expanded its global leadership team with the promotion of Mark Nazal to the company’s first director of digital content, and Astrid Eve to global HR manager. In his new role, Nazal will play an integral part in the company’s long-term strategy in broadening its digital presence in an increasingly remote, globally unified work environment. Eve, formerly the studio’s Vancouver-based HR generalist, continues her growth at CoSA with her new appointment.

Nazal joined CoSA VFX in 2013 on the graphics team for Person of Interest before moving on to show and departmental leadership roles on projects such as Gotham and Lucifer. Most recently, he was the head of CoSA’s environments team.

“I look forward to exploring the many possibilities in the expansion of CoSA’s digital footprint with many projects in development that we’re excited to showcase soon,” shared Nazal.

Eve joined CoSA VFX in 2020, bringing with her diverse and international HR experience in many fields, including non-profits, oil and gas, government, and technology. Now, with her first-hand experience with the VFX’s house’s operations during its transition to supplemental remote work, Eve’s HR experience provides essential context as she moves to this new leadership role.

“While we explore what the future looks like in a remote work environment, navigating culture across offices in different locations internationally, and examining other opportunities, it is the perfect time to grow a team of people dedicated to all that Human Resources encompasses within our global structure,” commented Eve. “There are some great opportunities to both improve our employee experience while creating new opportunities and programs for growth and development.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of watching Mark’s continued growth here at the studio, and in this role, he brings immense creativity, imagination and media acumen to expand CoSA’s digital brand,” noted global studio manager Katy Lennon. “In her tenure, Astrid has displayed passion and astuteness in caring for our most important and valuable asset— the people of CoSA VFX Vancouver, so giving her the chance to expand into a global role was an easy choice for us.”

“Having the opportunity to give these two the right light to shine under is something the partners, head of production and I are thrilled to offer,” she added.

Source: CoSa VFX