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Copernicus, Kavaleer Take Garth and Bev from Bronze Age to Space Age

Animation house Copernicus Studios is partnering with Dublin, Ireland-based Kavaleer Productions to co-produce 52x11 episodes of the animated children's series GARTH AND BEV. The Copernicus team will create 2D animation with Paul Rigg, president of Copernicus, serving as executive producer.

Created by Kavaleer founder, Andrew Kavanagh, GARTH AND BEV is an international co-production being distributed by BBC Worldwide and Picture Box for Canada. The series is set to air in March 2010 on BBC UK/Cbeebies and in September 2009 on RTE, Ireland. Gary Timpson is the exec producer for Kavaleer. Copernicus's Andrew Holland is the animation director and Murray Bain is the artistic director for Copernicus Studios.

Garth and his sister Bev live back in the Bronze Age with their Druid Grandfather Lir. It is a wondrous time when scientific discovery is matched by the people's understanding and appreciation of Mother Nature. Lir uses his ancient magic to transport Garth and Bev on adventures through time where they meet such geniuses as Leonardo DaVinci and Albert Einstein in their quest to learn about the miracles of science and invention. More often than not, the kids are able to teach these great geniuses a thing or two about the wonders and beauty of the natural world which serves as their source of inspiration and wisdom. The kids know "nature got there first" and if she is protected, she will provide us with all we need.

Copernicus's creative team is currently busy creating animation for the first episodes of season one, aimed at 4 to 7 year old children.

To refine the hand-drawn look of the show, Copernicus partner Juan Cruz Baldassarre has been implementing the development of proprietary software tools to advance the animation and post-production processes of the studio.

Timpson and Kavanagh will join Rigg, Bain and Baldassarre at the upcoming KidScreen Summit seeking additional Canadian presales and licensing and publishing opportunities. Full licensing opportunities are available for GARTH AND BEV including games, toys, books and clothing.