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Concrete Posts Stylish New Duffy Music Video

Concrete has just completed post production on Duffy's latest music video "Rain on your Parade" for Factory Films, produced by Rob Small and directed and edited by Sophie Muller for Polydor. The video conveys a classic scene of the leggy singer crooning under spotlights on stage, surrounded by violinists and male dancers. The video is beautifully lit creating a stylized and elegant feel.

Guy Morley completed the online in AVID at Concrete and said, "It is a really great video. Originally, it was a one light film grade as well as HDV footage, therefore it was a challenge to ensure that the new grade slotted in seamlessly, and it did and the outcome was very successful. Sophie enjoys using Avid as all the effects and grades then conveniently transfer directly from the offline, which speeds up the process avoiding any hiccups."

Visual effects were carried out by Concrete's Aubrey Ghansah using Smoke. The footage was filmed in 16mm which also involved working with interlaced material. In one of the scenes, he artistically matched the offline footage to create silhouettes of the violinists.

"I duplicated the silhouettes and then composited them into the frame for atmospheric effect." Ghansah explained. He also worked meticulously on synchronising all the shadows and making sure they were consistent. His work also involved rig, camera and track removal work. He repositioned and centralised a few shots as well where Duffy stands in the middle of the backing dancers to balance out the look of the shot as requested by the client to keep the frame within eye level.

"I felt very comfortable using Smoke for this project as it is a useful tool for this kind of work. This music video was cut really well and it made my job a lot easier from that perspective as well. The lighting throughout the promo was simple and effective and makes it a very striking video to watch," Ghansah concluded.

The single was released this month.


Client: Factory Films for PolydorDirector: Sophie MullerProducer: Rob Small, Factory FilmsPost House: Concrete ( Operator: Guy Morley, AVIDSpecial Effects: Aubrey Ghansah, Autodesk Smoke