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Conan O’Brien & Amy Poehler Guest Star In Season Two Of O'Grady

The premiere episode on the second season of the animated comedy series, OGRADY, features special guests Conan OBrien & Amy Poehler at 9:00 pm on March 3, 2006, airing on The N, the nighttime network for teens. After the broadcast, viewers will be able to log on to The Ns website,, and catch never before seen outtakes and extras and re-watch the episode in its entirety.

OBrien is the voice of Chip, the oldest lifeguard in O GRADY who pines for the attention of Wendy, the less than perfect and sometimes flighty concession stand girl played by Poehler.

The six new episodes offer up an array of celebrity talent each week including: ARRESTED DEVELOPMENTS Will Arnett and David Cross, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVES Rachel Dratch, THE DAILY SHOW WITH JON STEWARTs, Rob Corddry and comedian Sam Seder. O GRADY airs regularly on Monday nights at 9:00 pm on The N. At the conclusion of each premiere episode, viewers will be able to log on to and see outtakes and extras and re-watch the entire episode.

Written and produced by Soup2Nuts, O GRADY, is a comedic look at real teenage life the relationships, the drama and the weirdness. Co-created by Tom Snyder and Carl Adams, OGrady is a cross between FRIENDS and THE TWILIGHT ZONE, where the real meets the surreal. The series revolves around four self-centered high school students Abby, Beth, Kevin and Harold who deal with their everyday teenage existence while putting up with the weirdness, an inexplicable bizarre, phenomena that afflicts their town. Each week it manifests itself differently. Some examples include when you get angry your body automatically produces a clone of yourself or if in a great mood, gravity ceases and you float away.

Andre Lyman, director of animation, Soup2Nuts wrote the theme song for O' GRADY that is performed by recording artist, Kelly Osbourne.

New episodes of O GRADY this March and April include: March 3, 9:00 pm, Frenched, starring CONAN OBRIEN and AMY POEHLEROui! Oui! With Beth off to France, Abby and Kevin start their summer jobsright next to each other at the local pool. But when Abbys summer starts looking up, its Kevin whos floored.

March 10, 9:00 pm, Vacation, starring Rob Corddry Its spring break in OGrady! Beth tries to build houses for the needy while Iris goes SWF on Abby. Kevins half-pipe- plans combined with the incontinence weirdness causes problems of biblical proportions.

March 17, 9:00 pm, Big Jerk, starring David CrossKevins older brother, Randy comes home from college and is ready to show everyone what hes learned. Meanwhile, Derrick, the shoegazer, has found a muse in Abby. Dont hold your breath, not everyones what they appear to be.

April 7, 9:30 pm The Fly, starring Rachel Dratch, Todd Barry and Matt WalshYou heard it first, direct from The Fly. Animals are speaking and Harolds blog becomes the talk of OGrady. Stories about everyone, including Abby, are causing an allergic reaction.

April 14, 9:00 pm, A Stronger OGrady, starring Sam Seder Rock the vote OGrady! Beth and Phillip are in a battle for president, but once Beths super strength kicks in, the mud (and trees) really starts to fly. Abby gets involved too, thanks to the new crazy cute civics teacher.

April 2, 9:00 pm, Cut The Cord (*Season Finale), starring Mark Rivers and Will ArnettSahweeet! Kevin goes on air as a popular shock-jock sidekick, and ends up being the poster boy for everything he hates. Abby and Harold join Super Siblings, and while their partners arent what they expected they cant seem to let go.

Soup2Nuts ( is an innovative Boston-based digital animation studio offering full, in-house production services from creating series to writing, music composing, recording, and character design, through the entire animation process. Founded in 1994, the studio quickly established a reputation as a successful and award-winning creator and producer of animated comedy programming with its first hit, the award-winning DR. KATZ: PROFESSIONAL THERAPIST, which aired on Comedy Central. In addition, Soup2Nuts created the cult favorite Home Movies on Cartoon Network, SQUIGGLEVISION for ABC, THE DICK & PAULA CELEBRITY SPECIAL for FX and HEY, MONIE for BET and Oxygen. Soup2Nuts is a division of Scholastic Ent.

The N, the nighttime network for teens, is a programming arm of MTV Networks and is currently available in 46 million households via cable, digital cable and satellite television. The N's mission is to be the authentic voice for teens and help them figure out their lives with relevant, topical programming on-air and online at the networks website The N airs daily from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am. The N and all related titles, characters and logos are trademarks of Viacom International Inc.